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New Journal Papers

  1. Ibrahim, Taymaa, M. A. Hajabbasi, H. Shariatmadari, 2024. Effects of Biochar and Municipal Solid Waste Compost on Soil Physical Quality and Productivity Index Under Sorghum Cultivation Irrigated with Saline Water. Communication in Soil Scinnc and Plant Analysis. (53352)
  2. Rashidi, O. L., MA Hajabbasi, H Naghavi, M Gheysari and J Razmjoo. 2023. Introducing a Suitable Strategy to Improve Wheat Properties and Water Productivity under Moisture Stress Conditions in a Sandy Loam Soil. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology (JAST), 25(6): 1455-1467 (52254). URL:
  3. Sepehrnia, N., M. GorakiFard, P. Hallet, M. A. Hajabbasi, N. Shokri and M. Coyne. 2023. Contrasting transport and fate of hydrophilic and hydrophobic bacteria in wettable and water-repellent porous media: Straining or attachment. Colloids and Surfaces B-Biointerfaces, 228: 113433 (1-9) (52239).
  4. Ibrahim, Taymaa, M. A. Hajabbasi, H. Shariatmadari, B. Khalili and M. Feizi. 2022. Effects of applied biochar amd municipal solid waste compost on saline soil properties ans sorgum plant attributes. Polish Journal of Soil Science. 55(1): 51-65. (50434)
Journal Papers

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