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Teaching Courses

(Graduate and Undergrad Levels)

Soil Water Plant Relationships (Graduate and Undergrad Levels)

Introduction to Soil Science (Undergrad Level)

Sustainable Soil Management (Graduate Level)

Special Topics in Soils (Graduate Level)



 Soil Physical Properties and Plant Roots (Translation)

 Soil Biology (Translation)

 Sustainable Soil Management (Edited)

 Physical Properties of Soils (Edited)

Plants and Environment, Chapter 1: Enhancing Phytoremediation Efficiency in:

Response to Environmental Pollution Stress


Work Experiences

Faculty Member (Professor), Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan Iran (2009 - Now)

Faculty Member (Associated Professor), Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan Iran (1991-2009)

Faculty Member (Assistant Professor), Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan Iran (1991-2000)

Research Assistant, South Dakota State Univ., Brookings, SD (1986-1991,)

Research Assistant NW Missouri State Univ., Maryville, Mo. (1984-1986,)


Sabbatical Leaves

ETH University in Zurich Switzerland (Soil Protection Group Prof. R. Schulin, 2010-2011)

University of Guelph, Guelph ON Canada (Plant Science Department Prof. B. Kay, 1999-2000)


Scientific Society Member

Member of (ISTRO) (International Soil and Tillage Research Organization, 2008-Now)

Iranian Soil Science Society (1991-Now)

Soil Science Society of America (1985-1995)


Editorial Board Member

Editor in Chief: Journal of Soil Science Society of Iran (2020- Now)

Manager in Chief “Soil and Plant Interactions” (2010-Now)

Editorial Member: Soil Applied Research Journal (Oroumyeh)

Editorial Member: Soil Management and Sustainable Production (Gorgan)


Awards received

Province (Isfahan) Selected Researcher (2013)

Province (Isfahan) Selected Researcher (2007)

Sheikh Bahaei (Regional) First Award (1998)


Extracurricular Activities

Chair: ISTRO (International Soil and Tillage Research Organization), Iranian Branch, (2009-Now)

Chair:  “IUT Scientific Excellent of Soil, Water and Human Health” (2011-Now)

Isfahan University of Technology Vice Chancellor of Student and Cultural Affairs (2005- 2010)

Executive Chair: Internationa Physics Olympiad (2007)

Director of Shahed and Eisar Student Affairs (2005- 2010)

Head, Department of Soil Science, IUT (2001-2003)

Director of Student Affairs, College of Ag., IUT (1997-2000)

Deputy of Financial Affairs, College of Ag., IUT (1992-1997)

Scientific Chair ‘ 2nd National Congress of Hydroponic Productions(2011)

Executive Chair ‘National Congress of Hydroponic Productions’ (2009)

Chair, Inter. Confer Human Impacts on Soil Quality Attributes Arid Regions (2004-2005 )

Isfahan Chamber of Commerce: Soil Value
Kerman Conference: Soil degradation and sustainable development


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