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Dissertations and Thesis

Dissertations (PhD Students)

  1. MohammadAli Zadeh Fakhr, Faezeh: The effects of combined synthetic and bio-surfactants on physical quality indices of crude oil contaminated soil through phytoremediation using Kochia (Kochia scoparia)
  2. KeyhaniNejad,  Reza: Interaction effects of soil compaction, salinity and moisture content on endophytic inoculated Fennel root plasticity and morphology.
  3. ShahNazari, Elham: The Evaluation of Mycorhiza and Fungal Endophyte on Drought tolerant in three Citrus Rootstocks in Different Soil Texture
  4. Ebrahim, Taymaa:  Reclamation saline soils by Amendments and effect on sorghum growth.
  5. Rashidi, Omleila: Modeling application in order to estimate some physical and hydraulic properties  of soil and yield and water use efficiency in Orange product of South Kerman
  6. Saffari, Neda:  Effect of biochar on soil water availability for plant and uncertainty analysis of NST 3.0 model for P uptake by maize
  7. Nasrollah Sepehrnia: The effect of reversibility of soil repellency on hydrophysical properties related to soil erosion and transport of bacteria
  8. Alidoost Elham:(2018): Land use effects on soil organic carbon sequestration and modeling its changes in Lordegan watershed

  9. Sepehrnia Nasrollah:(2017) Escherichia coli and Rhodococcus erythropolis Transport and Retention Through Wettable and Repellent Soils

  10. Javad Zamany: Effect of Endophytic Fungi on Soil Quality Indices and Development of Plant Roots in Petroleum-Contaminated Soils (2013)

  11. Fatemeh Houseini: The Neothyphodium  Endophytic Fungi Role in Root Growth Mechanics, Soil Mechanical and Physical Properties and Water Availability to Plant (2013)

  12. Mohammad Feizi:Saline irrigation strategies (2012)

  13. Housein Shekofteh:Modeling of nitrate leaching. (2012)

  14. AliAsghar Besalatpour:Erosion risk assessments in Bazoft area. (2012)

  15. Elham Chavoshi:Evaluation and modeling of Floride in (2011)

  16. Mohsen Soleimani:Endophyte effects on phytoremediation … (2010)

  17. Seyed Fakhroddin Afzali:Salt Affected Soil ….. (2009)

  18. Mohammad Reza Mosaddeghi:Precompression and precompaction. (2003)

  19. Mehdi Sharifi:Nitrogen use efficiency …  potato cultivars. (2002)

  20. Mahmoud Solhi:Phytoremediation of Pb, Zn, and Ni, …. . (2002)

  21. Hormazd Naghavi:Modeling moisture charac. Kerman soils. (2000)

  22. Hossein Shirani: Soil physical property change as affected by tillage systems in Lavark (2000)


Thesis (MSc. Students)

  1. Ghaffari, Parisa: Studying the effects of different fertilizers on physical characteristics of the growth medium of spinach plants
  2. Karbasian, Fatemeh: Effect of municipal wastewater application on soil physical and hydraulic properties in east of Isfahan
  3. Barootkoob, Abolfazl: The effect of nano-hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate fertilizers on soil physical properties and tomato fruit
  4. Eskandari Nia, Effects of biochar application on water use efficiency and physical characteristics of growing medium of the button and oyster mushrooms
  5. Abedi, Sadat: The effects of ambient temperature and applying moss to planting bed on yield and quality of oyster and Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms
  6. Khalilian, Fatemeh: Interaction effects of the genotypes of .. and water stress on soil strength, friability and the swelling curve.
  7. Yarbakht, Zoha: Interaction effects of the genotypes of .. and water stress on soil structural index and water repellency.
  8. Azarang, Mandana: The effects of converting enclosed lands into gardens and severe and medium grazing sites on soil characteristics around Zayandehrud dam. 
  9. Alavi, Sadat: The effect of pasture change on soil quality indices in Hana Dam, Semirom city
  10. Azhari, Ameneh: The role of sugarcane residue and its biochar on remediation and some soil mechanical and physical properties 
  11. Hajinili, Ehsan:(2018) Effect of poultry manure and zeolite on soil water retention and salicornia persica growth under salinity treatments
  12. AhmadPour, Shahla:(2018) Effect of sugarcane bagas and it’s biochar on the structure of an oil contaminated soil
  13. Maleki Shahraki, Maedeh: (2017) Effect of Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Rice Husk Ash and Coal Ash on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties
  14. Goodarzi, Saeid: (2017) Effect of Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Rice Husk Ash and Coal Ash on Consistency Limit and Mechanical Properties of Soil
  15. Rooham, Nasrin: (2016) Effect of Carbon Nanotubes and Zeolite on Triticale Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  16. Navid Pour Mohammad R.:(2016) The Effects of Different Methods of Soil Water Retention and Drought Stresses on Water Use Efficiency of Two Barley Genotypes
  17. Torkian V, Mahsa: (2015) Effect of Piriformospora indica, Sewage Sludge and It's Biochar on Arsenic Uptake by Sunflower
  18. Davoodi, Mohammad: (2015) Residual Effects of Burnings on some Soil Chemical and Physical Properties in Fereydan Pastures
  19. Salehi Kahrizsangi Nazanin: (2014) Effect of Fire Intensity on Some Physicochemical Properties of Two Different Textured Rangeland Soils
  20. Fyuji Alireza: (2014) Phytoremediation of Soil Hydrocarbon Pollutants by Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes
  21. Hoseinzadeh Navid:(2014) Hydrological Modelling of the Landuse and Climate Change Effects on the Water Resource Components of Javanmardi Watershed using SWAT Model
  22. Shahmoradi, Sajad: (2014) The Effect of Inorganic Sorbents on the Speciation, Mobility and Stabilization of Arsenic in Rhizosphere of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus. L)
  23. Hassani Abdolghader: (2013) Evaluation of the Effects of some Soil and Environmental Property on Runoff and Sedimentation in Parts of Lordegan Watershed Region
  24. Saeidi Hamid: (2013) Land-use and Depth Effect on Some Quallity Indexes of Soil in Lordegan Region
  25. Safora Merati (2013): Soil Pb, Zn, and Cd phytoextraction potential of two types of sisymbrium infected with p. indica
  26. Aboozar Assadolahi (2013): Effect of sewage sludge, vermicompost and cow manure on phytoremediation of soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbon using tomato ((Solanum lycopersicum)) and Agropyron badamense.
  27. Soleiman Modaressi (2013): Evaluation of petroleum hydrocarbons removal from soil by nanoparticles and modified zeolite and bentonite with phytoremediation.
  28. Torabi, Ghazal (2013): Effect of soil compaction and endophyte on the Tall fescue phytoremediation of soil contaminated with petroleum in hydrocarbons.
  29. Javidpour, Amir Hossein (2013): Effect of compost on phytoremediation of soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons by Festuca pratensis.
  30. Mohammad Davoodi (2012): Effects of burning crop residues on some chemical and physical properties of rangeland soil in Fereydan region.
  31. Shirin Seirafinia:Palygorskite and Sepiolite addition to sands (2011)
  32. Elaheh Khosravi: Asseing of short time effects of firing pastures (2011) 
  33. HamidReza M. Kelishadi:Disturbing pasture's effects on soil physical (2011)
  34. Mahsa Rahimi:Effects of Compaction and soil moisture on (2010)
  35. Nasim Kaghazchi:Efects of zeolite on soil hydraulic properties: (2010)
  36. Nasim Sadat Mortazavi:The role of geohomus and (2010)
  37. Noroldin Hashemi:Using Zeolite for remediation of  (2010)
  38. Rozita Hadad Rezaei:Different management on Pistachio (2010)
  39. Mansor Barzin:Special Variability of Zn, Pb, in Hmaedan Soil (2010)
  40. MS. Halal Beiki:Land preparation effects on Zaffaran growth" (2008)
  41. Seyed M Yahya Bidaki:Effects of disposed tire plastics on soil physical (2007) 
  42. AliAsghar Besalat Pour:Bioremediation (Phytostimulation) of Soil (2006)
  43. AhmadReza Mellali:Phytoremediation in Two Calcaroue Soils Polluted (2006)
  44. Jaber Fallahzadeh:Salinity effects on organic matter"  (2006)
  45. AliAsghar Zolfaghari:Changes in Soil Structure, Organic Matter and (2005)
  46. Masoumeh Yusefi:Different soil managem,ent effects on carbohydrates (2004)
  47. Jamaati):Effects of different Salinity on germinatio, (2004)
  48. Ahmad Moradi:Modeling transport of Cd and Br and hydraulic (2003)
  49. Mohsen Souleimani:Phytoremediation of  soil contaminated with (2003)
  50. Arash Ansari:Removal of heavy metals from aqueous Zeolite (2003)
  51. Kohyian:Arsenic removal from soil using some crop (2003)
  52. Hossein Bayat: Tillage effects on soil physical character (2003)
  53. GhaderMazi:Simulation os Zn Pb, and N in soil under (2002)
  54. Shabanian:Effects of Polyacril Sweage sludge and waste (2002)
  55. Movahedian:Effects of Polyacril Sweage sludge and waste (2002)
  56. Mohsen Nael:Evaluation of land degradation by soil quality (2000)
  57. Abbas Ahmadi:Depasturation effects on soil tilth index and run (2000)
  58. Mansour Olfati:The effects of soil physical properties on P uptake (1996)
  59. Fathi:Puddling efects on soil physical properties and spatial (1996)
  60. MohammadReza Mosaddeghi:Soil compactibility as affected by soil moisture (1996)
  61. Saeid Arab:Temperature effects on P avilability for ten soil in (1991)


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