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Currently PhD Students

  1. MohammadAli Zadeh Fakhr, Faezeh: The effects of combined synthetic and bio-surfactants on physical quality indices of crude oil contaminated soil through phytoremediation using Kochia (Kochia scoparia)
  2. KeyhaniNejad,  Reza: Interaction effects of soil compaction, salinity and moisture content on endophytic inoculated Fennel root plasticity and morphology.
  3. ShahNazari, Elham: The Evaluation of Mycorhiza and Fungal Endophyte on Drought tolerant in three Citrus Rootstocks in Different Soil Texture
  4. Ebrahim, Taymaa:  Reclamation saline soils by Amendments and effect on sorghum growth.
  5. Rashidi, Omleila: Modeling application in order to estimate some physical and hydraulic properties  of soil and yield and water use efficiency in Orange product of South Kerman
  6. Saffari, Neda:  Effect of biochar on soil water availability for plant and uncertainty analysis of NST 3.0 model for P uptake by maize
  7. Nasrollah Sepehrnia: The effect of reversibility of soil repellency on hydrophysical properties related to soil erosion and transport of bacteria
  8. Elham Alidoost: Soil C sequestration
  9. Javad Zamany: The Symbiosis Effect of Piriformospora indica and Maize on Root Development and Quality of a Petroleum-contaminated Soil (2013)
  10. Fatemeh Houseini: The Neothyphodium  Endophytic Fungi Role in Root Growth Mechanics, Soil Mechanical and Physical Properties and Water Availability to Plant (2013)
  11. Mohammad Feizi:Saline irrigation strategies (2012)
  12. Housein Shekofteh:Modeling of nitrate leaching. (2012)
  13. AliAsghar Besalatpour:Erosion risk assessments in Bazoft area. (2012)
  14. Elham Chavoshi:Evaluation and modeling of Floride in (2011)
  15. Mohsen Soleimani:Endophyte effects on phytoremediation … (2010)
  16. Seyed Fakhroddin Afzali:Salt Affected Soil ….. (2009)
  17. Mohammad Reza Mosaddeghi:Precompression and precompaction. (2003)
  18. Mehdi Sharifi:Nitrogen use efficiency …  potato cultivars. (2002)
  19. Mahmoud Solhi:Phytoremediation of Pb, Zn, and Ni, …. . (2002)
  20. Hormazd Naghavi:Modeling moisture charac. Kerman soils. (2000)
  21. Hossein Shirani: Soil physical property change as affected by tillage systems in Lavark (2000)

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