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Influence of corn residue biochar on water retention and penetration resistance in a calcareous sandy loam soil
N. Saffari, M.A. Hajabbasi, H. Shirani, M.R. Mosaddeghi, G. Owens, Geoderma 383 (2021) 114734 

Biochar type and pyrolysis temperature effects on soil quality indicators and structural stability
N. Saffari,*, M.A. Hajabbasi, H. Shirani, M.R. Mosaddeghi, A.I. Mamedov, Journal of Environmental Management 261 (2020) 110190, 

High-energy moisture characteristics of various low organic matter sandy soils in different land uses
Arezoo Sharifi a,*, Hossein Shirani a, Ali Asghar Besalatpour b, Isa Esfandiarpour-Boroujeni a,
Mohammad Ali Hajabbasi, Geoderma 398 (2021) 115104,

Prediction of soil wind erodibility using a hybrid Genetic algorithm –Artificial neural network method
I. Kouchami-Sardooa, H. Shiranib,⁎, I. Esfandiarpour-Boroujenib, A.A. Besalatpourb,
M.A. Hajabbasic, Catena 187 (2020) 104315

Importance of soil physical characteristics for petroleum hydrocarbons phytoremediation A review. M. A. Hajabbasi. African J. of Environ. Science and Technology, Vol. 10(11), pp. 394-405, November 2016,  



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