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The Newest ISI Publications

  • Ibrahim, Taymaa, M. A. Hajabbasi, H. Shariatmadari, 2024. Effects of Biochar and Municipal Solid Waste Compost on Soil Physical Quality and Productivity Index Under Sorghum Cultivation Irrigated with Saline Water. Communications in Soil Scinnc and Plant Analysis. (53352)
  • Rashidi, O. L., MA Hajabbasi, H Naghavi, M Gheysari and J Razmjoo. 2023. Introducing a Suitable Strategy to Improve Wheat Properties and Water Productivity under Moisture Stress Conditions in a Sandy Loam Soil. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology (JAST). (52254).
  • Sepehrnia, N., M. GorakiFard, P. Hallet, M. A. Hajabbasi, N. Shokri and M. Coyne. 2023. Contrasting transport and fate of hydrophilic and hydrophobic bacteria in wettable and water-repellent porous media: Straining or attachment. Colloids and Surfaces B-Biointerfaces, 228: 113433 (1-9) (52239).
  • Ibrahim, Taymaa, M. A. Hajabbasi, H. Shariatmadari, B. Khalili and M. Feizi. 2022. Effects of applied biochar amd municipal solid waste compost on saline soil properties ans sorgum plant attributes. Polish Journal of Soil Science. 55(1): 51-65. (50434)




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